You Don't Need Permission

You don’t need permission to be great.

Surely this is a note to myself. I’ve enrolled in Convert Kits Product Master Class with hundreds of other people – and it made me realize you don’t need permission to go after what you want.

You need dedication, consistency, and discipline – all that mixed with hard work, trial and error with a bit of realistic expectations are bound to flourish.

Somewhere along the lines we’ve shy’d away from trial and error. Be it from the advice, opinions and suggestions of those around us or the lack of confidence. I’ll talk more about building confidence in a future post but I’ve found that too often we are seeking permission from people to do things we already enjoy.

Life’s challenges require us to be creative and think out the box. If there’s advice I wish someone told me sooner – and I mean drilled it into my head – it would be that you don’t need permission. Be great at what you do and share, share, share!!!!

There’s more to this note to self that I’ll be sharing tomorrow. In the mean time check out the product master class!!!

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