Would you have noticed? 

I almost went to bed without writing on the blog today. I am beyond exhausted and need rest so that I can wake up early and get back to exercising regularly. 

But I’m curious to know if my readers would have even noticed if I skipped a day. I would have known and would have been annoyed and disappointed – but no need to cheat myself I’m showing up! 

Mission funding update: My goal was to raise at least $100 this week and so far I’ve raised $400. I have 3 painting requests and I’m really excited to get going on them. 

I intended to go live again today on Facebook but I don’t want the art work and design submissions to pile up. I have to pace myself and ensure I can get the artwork out at a decent time. I do still have a full time job and this is additional work on what I am doing. 

I’m hoping to start my day early tomorrow and get a few things finished earlier in the day rather than being a night owl stuggling to wake up in the am. 

With that ✌️


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