Work View: a reflection 

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I read Designing Your Life and I’m openly sharing the answers to my Work view reflections: 

•Why work?

We work to pay the bills. To keep ourselves occupied. It’s the first task God Assigned Adam to take care of the garden and had the task of naming all the animals “. We work to find meaning, pleasure and to give service. We work in hopes of community with people like us and those that differ from us.
• What’s work for? 

We work in service or in cause to a greater good or system to help society function.
• What does work mean? 

It’s something we do that can be mental and Or physical that occupies our time and energy. 

Employment, exerted energy.
• How does it relate to the individual, others, society?
• What defines good or worthwhile work? 

Often humans define what is considered good work. A secretary plays a huge role in welcoming people to a company as well as the safety of the employees. They gained recognition of who’s who. A janitor provides service in keeping the public health in good condition and a place where many people use. A CEO is responsible for the people they’ve hired to feed them an create a place of which they can enjoy and come back to continue working with others.
A safe clean place where people can render services for one another.
• What does money have to do with it? 

We work in exchange for money- often it being time spent in exchange for an agreed amount per hour/ per year/ so that we can buy food, clothing, shelter – cover our most basic needs. It has nothing to do with our value it is a form of compensation for the service we render for a company or for a client.
• What do experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it? (Work)

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