So a few months ago, some time in late February, early march, I was on a weight loss journey with my roommate. For the first month we did great! My goal was to loose fifteen pounds. I learned so much using this weight loss book, that was more like a daily diary.  It was written by a couple that was on “the Biggest Loser”. We were following the book to a “T”. Sweating it out at the gym, at home and pushing each other when we knew we didn’t want to go. I have no real interest in being skinny. That is not my goal. My motivation to loose the weight, was because I know of all the health risks that I face, especially with the health problems in my family. I was born prematurely and was expected to be both over weight and a diabetic. My mom unfortunately does have some of these illnesses mentioned, and even a few more. I knew that I wanted to keep my self healthy but with the course load work increasing, working at the gym, and needing to spend time in the studio to get work don,e I found my self falling behind with the gym. I originally weighed 170, and managed to loose ten pounds. But since then my weight has fluctuated up and down between 165. I plan on getting back on board, following the book again – even if it is by myself. My older brother has been working out, its now time for my sister to get into the groove too. This is my last few days to pig out like I normally do, because as of June first, I’m gonna get back into the grind. The numbers on the scale don’t matter to me much. I know I want to be healthy, get back into moving around with out feeling extra tired, and tone my body. See the muscle if possible. its time to make some ife style choices to better me. until next time,

*think in abundance*

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