Why Write?

It’s funny that I dare write about writing – I’m far from an expert, I know my spelling and grammar isn’t always on par. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again – I’m currently writing for my self, to document my journey day by day of where I’d like to be. However, today I’d like to encourage you to write. 

I first heard Sean McCabe encourage people from his online community to write years ago. I first started in 2015 using Microsoft Word. I wrote about waking up at 5:00 in the morning – and how much it sucked. I wrote about how quiet it was and how I felt. My topics of writing began to expand when I decided to write everyday this past September 2015.

Sean McCabe has shared the reasons one should write – and I think they are valuable.

You can write so that you

  1. learn what it is you have to say.
  2. clear your mind
  3. get better at grammar and developing your communication skills.
  4. learn how to use bigger words and sound nerdy.
  5. build an audience
  6. educate others
  7. document – processes, life
  8. interview others.
  9. write down your goals or track them.
  10. can capture stories from other people.
  11. write about your day.
  12. can share case studies on projects you’ve taken on.

Your options about writing are endless. 

I really want to talk about writing to clear your head. There are so many thoughts cross our minds within an hour – let alone a day. Too often we don’t give ourselves times to actually process what’s going on.

I was talking with a friend today and she mentioned how there was too much to do.

I still take pen to paper and write down a physical To Do list. Its a way to help me clear my head when there is too much going on. It helps me to identify what’s most important on my list that needs to get crossed off and then, I work my way down to the easiest things.

When I first started writing I wanted other people to read what I wrote. However, I couldn’t really tell you why. I just knew I liked to write. Many people wont give you the time of day If they can’t see themselves in what you share. I found that when I show up to write for myself, when I show up to be honest with my self – that’s when the best stories come through. They’re relatable, they strike a cord with someone else and they leave an impression on those reading.

One thing Sean encourages is to write case studies about projects you’ve taken on – I’m sure this showing up everyday to write will turn into a case study. Many people say they don’t know what to write about. I’d say start by clearing your head, then write about your day. Lastly, if your writing for someone else – always leave them with on piece of advice and the reason.

As Sean would say, “you can’t edit what you haven’t written.” I’ve got plenty to edit. And my topics have ranged all over the place! I do enjoy it – and to those of you that continue to show up, share and support me through my writing thank you!

I’ve got a new idea of how to ramp up this writing!!!! Stay tuned…

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