Why I hate Pop Ups

As always, opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has them but they don’t really matter. 

Why I hate Pop Ups. 
First they are intrusive. I’ve come to your page to see what you are about, what you have to offer, what you have to say. But then immediately I am met with a pop up. Asking me for an email address, or trying to give me a freebie. I haven’t spent more than 30 seconds on your site. So guess what I am putting down my junk email address. Yup thats right. JUNK EMAIL. 

I mmediately think of an advertisement or an in genuine person asking me if I’d like their help. 

When I worked retail, there was a store set in having us run down all the sales and promotions for the day. People were put off, and would walk away. When I instead greeted them, and allowed them to look around for a bit, then interacted their guards were down and it was easier to strike up a conversation, Ask about why made them stop at the store and what event they were shopping for. 

But I get it. Most people are looking to collect emails. To get a huge number of subscribers to their blog, in order to – well eventually sell. 

I think it’s fine to let people know they will be sold to upfront but in a more gentle manner. I believe you can be wildly successful without using pop ups that take over your screen. Or subliminal messages that try to get you to think down on yourself. You know you’ve seen the ones where it’s like “yes I want to be awesome” or “no I want to continue to suck at xyz”. 

Like why. That’s not the type of marketing I like. I don’t want to come off as a snob. I’d rather be authentic and let people sign up when they feel ready. 

And I get it there’s no guarentee that if someone stops by and doesn’t leave their info that they’ll be back. Guess it’s a catch 22… 

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  • Judline

    Yea don’t really like site like dat especially the ones where you have to put info before you can view.

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