Where I'm At Now, why I want to work at IDEO and how I plan to get there.

Currently I work in Packaging design as a production layout technician.

More specifically I work for a company that does point of purchase display.

I’d really like to work for IDEO.

IDEO  is a company that focuses on human centered design. They create positive impact through design, using design-thinking.

I plan to get there by bridging the gaps of knowledge and understanding of what they do by enrolling in their online course, writing daily and documenting relative work, stories and meeting people that have worked with their company. I’d like to accomplish this in a year.

I am in the process of reading Creative Confidence  and taking an online open course of story telling for change.

I’m really interested in using design for good and feel that IDEO aligns with my core values.

I’m hoping that writing about this publicly will help someone else in a similar situation can gain clarity.

I am also hoping that I can look back and see that map that takes me there.

Nathan Barry took a few minuets to talk to me after delivering his talk at the seanwes conference and told me to write this publicly

This is me taking the advice and following through.

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