When The Snow Falls…

Adults cry but kids rejoice and hope it’s thick enough to make snow angels and snow mans. 

Somewhere in the process of growing up most adults forget to know how to play. The seasonal changes had their perks that came with it. When it rains as a child we run into the puddle to make the biggest splash with our rain boots on. As an adult we mutter and cuss under our breath because people drive slower, drive though huge puddles and spray our cars or we focus on the gloominess of the weather. We forget that after the rain storms come the beautiful rainbow. 

During the hot summer days as an adult we complain when the power goes out, or that we need to stay inside in the air conditioning but as a child we run to turn on the fire hydrants or gather up coupons and money for the theme parks. Sometimes we’ll even find a local pool to play in or sneak into hotels (did I say that out loud). We’d run after the ice cream truck for our over priced cone with extra sprinkles on top!

When fall comes we mope around knowing that summer is ending. We are excited that the kids will be going back to their day care I mean schools to learn and they’ll be out of our heads a bit. But as a child we appreciate the colors nature has presented and that we can jump into the huge piles of leaves!!!! 

Then we have the snow season. It’s cold, it sucks to clean up and everyone drives slow. 

I was listening to someone’s video this morning and they talked about the views out the window. Sometimes we are looking out at things with the wrong perspective. We need to remember the minor beautiful things that come naturally in this life. 

Our lives are so much like the weather. Tow represent harvest and reaping.  Two represent barren and frigid. Life is to short to continue sulking and focusing so heavily on the negative things. 

Change your perspective and get back to a child’s mindset. Go out and take some risks! 

So yes let it snow but don’t forget to make a enjoy the little flakes too. 

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  1. Man!!!!! i hate snow! Its hard to see pass the situation and enjoy it. I do understand that if you do you would be less stressed!

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