What's In A Name?

I believe our names carry weight and great meaning. Many parents take time to think and research or come up with unique names, other times they’ll name their children after people in the Bible or other historical figures. My name is derived from my grandfathers name. 

Chreshnel (I think that’s the spelling) to Keshna. 

Growing up I learned that my middle name Donia, was supposed to be my first name. In the Haitian culture they call you by your middle name. Originally my mom was going to name me Donia – but she forgot until my Godfather reminded her.  So my mom put Donia as my middle name here in the states, and decided to name me Keshna. She got the name from my grandfather. I never got to meet him. 

While my name is fairly unique it took time for me to grow into it and embrace it. It took time for me to even like my name. I remember when I first got a Facebook account, I wanted to see if there was anyone else in the world with a name like mine. I did find someone with Kesh in their name. She told me it meant beautiful hair. 

Donia on the other hand I’m not sure where my mom came up with that name. 

I’m a stickler for people actually getting my name right. Often times people will see the Kes- and they stop reading. So they’ll end up calling me Keisha, Kesha, or any other name but Keshna. 

Then, you have people that decide it’s ok to call you outside of your name, hoe, b!tch, slut, again everything but what on your birth certificate. 

I also think about God naming Adam, and then Adam naming all the animals and so fourth. People’s names have a lot to do with their identities, and their being. 

So I’m curious to know – what’s your name and what does it mean? 

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  • Shamma

    I never use to be a stickler for my name. Throughout my elementary and middle school year, people called me everything from shamooo the whale, sharma, shama awww man the list goes on! There were times I couldn’t even tell people how I wanted my name to be pronounced. Looking back I associated the ability to not correct people or not knowing how to help people pronounce my name as an identity issue. Letting people call me outside of my name or let them pronounce MINE name how they saw fit was me being everything everyone else wanted me to be but myself. I found out that my name mean “God is here or present” in Arabic it means “light”. What!!!! I never let anyone pronounce my name wrong again!!! Why?!?1 Because I know who I am and who I represent!

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