What I Did Today

This may be a boring post but I’m sharing it anyway. 

How I spent my Sunday: 

  •  I forgot it was daylight savings. 
  • I slept in longer than usual and couldn’t get out of bed due to back pain. I got up to fold laundry and couldn’t bear the pain. My mom gave me pain killers and I’m still in bed. 
  • I only had one meal so far. 
  • I still wanted to show up and write today. 
  • Check out Greenleaf on OWN. I binged watch the entire 1st season – and no I’m not proud of that. It’s also the primary reason I decide not to watch television. It’s like Facebook – a time suck. (Only if it’s not educational and providing value do I consider it a time suck).
  • I did delve into watching documentaries about food and plant based diets. It was very interesting learning where our food comes from and even how it’s having an effect on the earth. 
  • I missed my youth group discussion ☹️. The topic was suggested by me and I was excited for today. Unfortunately things didn’t work out that way. 

I’m now about to grab something to eat and go back to bed. I’m hoping his pain passes fully because I have projects to finish at work. – and yes I’m that person that thinks of everything else that needs to get done even when I’m not feeling 100.  

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