What I Did To Drop 9lbs in a Week

I’ll start by covering my a55 and letting you know I am not a nutritionist and these results have been achieved by trying a different method. I am only sharing what has worked for me due to questions asked by my friends. I figure I can write about it and point back to this post rather than constantly uploading snaps, and sending mass text messages. 

Secondly, anything you want to achieve in life requires discipline, dedication and consistency. There’s truth in the saying, “decide, commit, succeed.”

Many people that know me personally will tell you I am very busy. In my opinion I over commit to things. Often times I over book and double book myself. A a change is coming soon because I need to narrow down and focus my efforts to better my overall health. To jumpstart that I am taking part in a smoothie cleanse and talked about it on my snapchat.

I did a snapchat video of what I ate and what I did and I am still getting questions of how I am losing the weight. Let me start by giving you a full back story and then we can jump into what I am doing and how I plan to maintain this.

This past Sunday, December 4th, 2016 I went out and purchased five days worth of fruits and veggies. I told my mother to cut back down on her cooking of rice – I am Haitian American and rice makes up a huge portion of what we eat – like way too much! I purchased a book with details of learning how to detox, and cleanse. I kept trying the master cleanse but just couldn’t get past the Salt Water Flush,  it’s disgusting! I also couldn’t take the smell of the cayenne pepper. I decided to try green smoothies and detox tea.

My routine is this:

Cleanse your system by taking MAG07 at night on an empty stomach or by doing the salt water flush in the AM – on an empty stomach.

Have a detox tea in the AM – I use the Yogi Brand. Following that, for breakfast, lunch and dinner have a green smoothie. The green smoothie consists of greens like spinach, kale, or spring mix. Add fruits like strawberries, mangos, banana to the mix. And to keep you sustained longer add raw protein powder. Don’t forget to add purified water and blend! In between lunch and dinner have snacks like almonds, cashews, low sodium tuna, raw crunchy veggies, apples and peanut butter or almonds.

To find a green smoothie recipe search google – there are plenty online and you can find beautiful pins on pinterest.

Lastly increase your water intake.

This smoothie challenge has helped  me in learning to think about what I am putting into my system. To be more mindful and aware about what I am choosing to eat. The first three days were difficult – I experienced withdrawal symptoms like headaches, being cranky and fatigue. By day three I was good.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I take a swimming class, once thats over I’ll get back to going to the gym three days a week.

I told a few of my friends my goals so they can keep me accountable. The green smoothie challenge is for ten days and then I’ll go back to modifying my food. I also joined a support group on Facebook. After the ten days, I’ll modify my eating by adding meats like chicken, and fish. I did have food this Saturday but will resume my cleanse tomorrow.

My goal is to drop 35lbs. I do not have a set date. I just want to slowly drop the weight and maintain and tone as I continue to work out and eat healthier. I gained the weight by constantly eating out and not choosing healthy options. Eliminating carbs for a week has done wonders. I am curious to see what happens over the next few days.

If you have any questions leave a comment below – facebook, twitter, my blog and I’ll come back to answer it.


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