What Happens If You Don’t reach your goal?

That thought crossed my mind this morning for my fundraiser. I thought to myself why would such a negative thought cross my mind? 

For me the worse case scenario is that I pay the funding costs myself. Pick up a few extra shifts at work, hustle a bit harder on the side and simply cough up the rest of the money. 

The other part of me believes something will come of this though. It will work out. Just not sure of all the details as of yet. 

One things for certain, someone else’s heart needs to be touched in order for them to donate. No one is coughing up money if they don’t care about the cause. 

I’m fortunate enough to know my grandmothers roots, to know where she’s from – oh how I wish I could see a bit further back the ancestry line but to at least see the house she grew up in, to see where she raised her “onze petit” eleven kids, would be awesome. 

What’s my role on all this? I’ll be documenting, serving, assisting teachers – and being of service anywhere else I am needed. 

And today another thought ran through my head. So many people hear of the poverty in Haiti. That’s not what I want to share. I think of the verse, “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3 the poor in spirit are happy… 

Rather than go to this place and take photos of wretched people, I’d want to be sure I capture their dignity, their pride, their humility and joy. I think of the photographer David Sacks who passed away of cancer (learned about his work by Andy Crouch in a speech/lecture about culture making). Davids photography was about elevating people. 

Long story short: failing is not an option. 

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