What Do You Want to be when you grow up?

Remember that question as a kid? 

My answer ranged from being a teacher, to a business woman, to a librarian, to a biologist, to a Nurse.  One thing for certain is that we all have many interests. Yet for some odd reason we train our kids to believe they can only be one thing when they grow up. 

Life happens in seasons. 

I had a conversation the other day with some friends and they mentioned how someone we know seems to not know what they want to be. I believe it’s true – but are you what you want to be?

We often ask kids at an early age what they want to be. Not realizing they haven’t had a taste of had of the occupations in existence and the fact that job roles are constantly changing due to the advancement of technology. 

While this may not be everyone else’s experience, it’s often the case that children are in the classroom not really expereincing life or interacting with their surroundings. The most outdoor experience they get is a trip to the zoo, or freetime/recess out side. 

We need to encourage failed trials – like in science class. It’s like testing a theory to see if it works and if it doesn’t you make adjustments until it’s successful. 

As a creative person I’m

Encouraged to take risks, to try out iterations, and to draw and sketch and make models of products until successful. 

Even as a designer ther is still room to tinker and figure out what I’d like to be when I grow up. But I take a moment and ask you:

What do you want to be when you grow up? 


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