Vulnerability With Strangers

I’m writing so late today because I had two extended conversations fairly later in the day. They were both fairly interesting and they challenge my thinking.

One after a meet up today in Jersey City and the other with my boyfriend. The one that I had after the Jersey City meet up was really interesting – we talked about career frustrations, death, grievances, freelancing, confidence, faith, divinity, spirituality, relationships, love and everything in between.

As we discussed death it made me think of a sermon I was listening to earlier today while at work. I’ve talked about death several times throughout the blog and today it’s from a different perspective. While listening to the sermon, it was shared that this person when feeling down would visit the grave yard. It reminded them that they are alive and well, and they still have a dream to chase and fulfill. While talking to someone today they mentioned how visiting the graveyard gave them a stillness and it was quiet – that intrigued me.

I’ve found that there are some people who are ok with the idea of death. They’ve acknowledge and are aware that it will come unexpectedly.

I shared how my uncle’s death was prominent and left a mark on my life. And how its a constant worry of mine of when my Grandmother passes. Not more of my grandmother passing but the reaction of my mother.

It seems that we are all often looking for the silver lining, the reason to live, a moment of happiness that could last a bit longer than just a fleeting moment.

Today’s conversations have me in a deep reflective thought.

It reminds me of these things:

  • if we are still living we have the option to choose
  • the world is a magical place – you just need to seek it through the rubbish
  • vulnerability is good, even with strangers.

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