Visualizing: The tidy space. 

The first part of the book says to visualize what you want your ideal home to be for now as an unmarried woman I visualize this: 

When I walk through the doors, I want my small puppy to come and greet me. I want the smell of the house to be fresh, as I left it and the temperature always just right. I want the floors to be free of clutter and I want it to be spacious, that I can move around the home without squeezing into spaces or trying to fit things in. I want to be able to change my clothes fairly quickly and sit on my lounge chair for just a bit before delving into food. When I come home I want to know that work is done, for the day and its time to relax. For my designated work spaces I want them to be clutter free, and organized. I don’t want to be distracted by hangings on the wall or piles on the desk. I want a modern space with a hint of eclectic. Everything has its place and its organized with what i need. when a burst of inspiration comes I can just jump in the seat and work and not have to shuffle thing around. in the kitchen everything is put away. there are no dishes out, its clean! no bugs, rodents or other creepy crawlers. 

Then we are to ask Why? Multiple times.  

I have too much stuff. And often times things I don’t want, and try to get rid of – my mom, sister or relative will come and take it. Why? They don’t believe in throwing things away when we have family in Haiti that can use it. (But many of them are here already). 

I want to love what I wear regardless of the size I am. Why? Many people don’t love what they see in the mirror – I want to show myself more love. I don’t want to be a pack rat. I am learning my boyfriend is very tidy – I don’t want him to feel that he will have to clean after me. i want to be able to jump into creativity without shuffling things from one place to another. Why? Its time consuming and annoying, it delays the process and I hate having to look for my stuff. I think about when its time to move – I want that to be simple. I want to be able to pack my things in a car and just go. 

I was motivated to get tidy because I couldn’t sleep. My room gets no air circulation – it makes me feel stuffy. 

I am hoping to gain a tranquil space, a place for peace, a happy and joyful space. I am hoping to gain clarity in the things I want for the future as well. What it is that I want to be doing with life, my purpose. 

I am so ready to begin the discarding of stuff!!! We begin Friday night after work!

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