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Vision Boards 

You ever make a vision board? 

This is mine from last August. I got together with a group of ladies to create a vision board. 

So far I’ve completed everything on this list with the exception of my fitness goals. 

I learned to swim, I’ve increased my savings, gained support – and have given support to others, I’ve found my happy, and built my self confidence. 

The year isn’t over yet and I’ve still got time to make better health choices. I made a private Instagram account to photograph my meals and I’ve joined a few Facebook groups to learn more about nutrition, health and fitness. 

On a conversation with an acquaintance, I listened to their opinion about people and weight. In their opinion, someone who’s overweight doesn’t care about themselves. Intrigued by their opinion I continued to listen, “it shows me that they don’t care about their health, that they don’t move around and they are lazy.” 

But I disagree with this belief. Sure you can assume that someone is lazy But what about medical issues? Or legit time and energy to to put the work in? 

My current schedule drains me. And I’d really like to shift things around. In the mean time I’ve made smaller commitments like changing my eating habits. And oh, I’ve purchased a Fitbit and my coworkers and family members challenge me to walk more and get those steps in. 

I know life only gets crazier and busier as time progresses. I know it’s important to be physically active and I’m a constant work in progress. 

What do you do to to get your fitness and wellness needs in? 

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