I’d like to think this is highly linked with confidence. Any time we step out into something new doubt also

We are well into the middle of january and I’m curious to know where your mindset is.
For the longest time I’ve dealing with self doubt – questioning my skill level and wondering ” Am I worth it it?” or am i good enough? Do you ever find yourself asking these questions? or feeling that you are some imposter posing to be better than you actually are? From the begining I’ve let you- my subscribers know that I will be truthful and honest with what I am dealing with and going through.
This is my experience in dealing with self-doubt.
It’s crippling and prevents you from moving forward.
Prevents you from being committed to what you started.
Can come from comparing yourself to other people’s work.
I was so focused on myself and couldn’t get past my own insecurities.
Rather than constantly consuming, start to create more stuff – which is what I’ve started doing.
Practice learning from other people.
Be open about what you are struggling

With like I just did in this post.
What I’ve done to practice overcoming this struggle:
Simple stop caring what other people think. Better yet stop assuming I know what other people think.
I must admit I’m ivercoming this in many areas and I’m choosing to move forward boldly.

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