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Unboxing Reaction Videos 

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the process of my paintings.

But I’m not sure if I mentioned people have been making reaction videos of the pieces they’ve gotten!

They’ve logged onto Facebook live and created a video and have shared the link to donate to my missions campaign.

This was the second painting I made. 

Thus far every reaction video has been timely. Rough days at the day job and coming home to these reaction videos have cheered me up. I know this is a journey, but it’s also a process that requires lots of waiting.

And I suck at waiting.

You can check out her reaction video here.

Feel free to make a donation to my campaign here.


I am so grateful for the support.

This video came right on time. It’s been rough at my day job and I’ve to jut been really unsatisfied because I don’t feel that I am using my creativity to its fullest potential. I often find that I only feel this way when I am overly focused on what I am not doing.

The internal struggle and discontent comes and goes. All I can do is continue on this path of a journey and hope for the best.

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