Two Years From Now… (Day 28)

Just as a reminder these writing series started out with writing prompts. I’ll link back to day one at the end of this post. I had it in my mind already that I wouldn’t be writing everyday. I was ready to quit. Then on Monday I get this prompt: Write for 15 minutes about what you want to accomplish in the next two years.

It can be a daunting thing to think about the future because NOTHING is solid. Who’s to say that I will even be alive and well? This does not mean you should not plan. There are benefits to both and as the saying goes, ” if you failed to plan then you’ve planned to fail”.

So here are a few of the things I’d like to accomplish two years from now. Let me mention that as I started writing my list became longer. I remembered Maya Elious 100 life goals. So I borrowed her structure and more ideas, and accomplishments began to flow easily.



  • go sky diving


  • Finish paying off all student loan debt
  • Have a fully funded emergency fund account


  • work for IDEO
  • create a consistent side hustle income
  • refine donia studio


  • visit the grand canyon
  • visit Haiti


  • create a design scholarship for $1000 for High School Student


  • To be happily Married


  • have a healthier eating habits
  • join a cross-fit gym
  • shed 30 lbs and keep it off
  • Run a 5k marathon
  • learn to swim (in Progress)


  • have written everyday for two years
  • refine my sketching speed
  • become friends with photoshop (I Love illustrator but I know I need to step up my PS game)
  • become a paid speaker
  • become a better blogger – focused on design issues.

Day one out of the thirty days of writing challenge is here.

Thanks to Maya’s 100 goals list for a better structure.

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