It feels like crank time as we get these projects coming to a close these last few weeks. Everyone seems to be excited to go home and relax a little.

The book that I have been reading this summer, “Search for Significance” has helped me so much. I know that I have grown so much more in my faith and I thank the Lord for this experience that he has allowed me to have.

I really enjoyed the one on one time with my mentor Erin and I appreciate the realness of her approach with getting to know me, and even seeing me grow in my faith and understanding of the bible and getting to know Christ personally.

This past Sunday we visited Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida where they showed this spoken word video that also featured someone doing an art piece along side. I thought it was really cool. The spoken word artist is Sharon Irving, the name of the video is called Free Fall. The link to check it out is below!

A verse few verses that I have come to keep with me would be Ephesians 1:17,   Philippians 2:14, and I am sure my list of verses are much longer. I’ll be sure to write out what the verses are. Until next time, Peace and Blessings… Keshna

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