Traveling Across Seas

My mom traveled oceans and boarders in search for a better life. Not to say that life is bad in Haiti, it’s certainly different according to her. Here in the states there is more opportunity. 

More chances to learn, to advance and overall to create a better lively hood. 

I’m told people in Haiti tend to believe America has  gold. They’ve bought into the American dream. I’ve got relatives ready for credit cards believing that it’s free money. Clearly there is lack of education and understanding of some of the systems set in place. 

I’ve asked my mom if she’s wanted to go back and she often says no. It’s not a place that will be the same. Her family is here now, her life is here now. 

We no longer travel and pique our curiosity. 

I’m curious to see and experience the place my mom and grandmother come from. 

Would you help me get there? 

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