Today marks a week

Today marks a week since my mom had a stroke. And there’s been so much that I’ve learned in these past few days.

  • the things that used to annoy me about my mom I now appreciate. Like the singing and humming – it reminds me that she’s happy and joyful.
  • hearing her call my name – but now she calls me my brother and sisters name.
  • seeing her smile – because seeing her cry makes me sad.
  • having her sew for me because seeing her hand weakened makes me remember we have gifts that need to be used.

Part of me wishes I stayed in bio – but I know that’s not what I was interested in. I enjoyed studying science and learning about nutrition – but I couldn’t and still can’t stand the sight of blood.

this experience has me thankful for some of the little moments with my mom. the constant reflection, the incoming of love from friends and family.

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