To Glorify God

As a Christian this is our sole purpose – to Glorify God.

I was ecstatic to watch this video that my boyfriend sent me.

He has been one to constantly challenge my thinking and help broaden my perspectives as well as showing support when I need it most in my artistic endeavors.

Often times we think of our lives in compartments – we’ll I guess I can really speak for myself. I used to think this way: work life, home life, church life, party life, school life – at the end of the day I only have one life. As I continue to grow I realize the ways in which all activities in our lives affect another. More like a domino effect.

It’s hard to find companies that share the same values as you and well – I now have a few new ones on my radar.

Check out this video and I’d love to hear your views and thoughts.


I’ll talk a bit more about what I’ve struggled with:

Too often I focus on where I’d like to be, rather than finding ways in which I can glorify God right where I am. There is no model to follow and my interests often seem so complex and like they can’t mesh with one another. Or maybe its a coworker I am not too fond of or that I feel like I am lacking growth. At no point in those experiences have I shown gratitude or God like characteristics.

I also enjoyed this video because I desire to own and operate my own design studio. I’d like to have flexibility in my working schedule and to give the same to my future employees. I did a bit of digging and found a few resources.

I also found a related article by Rick Warren where he talks about goal setting, and another by that speaks of drinking orange juice to the glory of God. And another by John Piper where he writes about the secret to job satisfaction.

Below you’ll find related verses.

1 Corinthians 10:32

Colossians 3:17 NLT

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