TimeOut Session

Remember when you were a kid and you were disruptive in the classroom you had time out? It was often meant to cool you down or make you think about what you were doing wrong. 

Yea well I think I need to put myself in a time out session. And as a matter of fact I did. 

One of the most difficult things as a creative is knowing which path to go down – uninhibited. Ideas come easily and our brains run a mile a minuet. In 2013 I decided to pick back up a my calligraphy pen. I took calligraphy in college and still have all the workbooks, assignment preps, and handouts from my professor. Yet there has been so much resistance. 

My biggest fear or pain point in the past few years is that I did not want to be known as a lettering artist. However the love of drawing letters, and using nibs to write calligraphy is still here. I’d like to combine these with packaging. More like the luxury brands. 

However- today I chilled out. I didn’t want to create for anything or anyone. I needed to take a time out session and just draw for the sake of drawing. 

I took a course on skillshare (despite some of the negative reviews about the platform). The class was on keeping a sketchbook. Many of my sketch books are buried in the garage. Along with really old college projects. I feel that this course,  it gave me permission to draw and paint without any specific purpose. 

My mom was walking by and saw my flowers before I finished and she looked on in amazement. Immediately my mind began to say all these negative things like “this sucks, it’s not that great, maybe I should start over”. And then it hit me. 

It’s a sketchbook

It’s not meant to be pretty. And once I was able to get my mind resituated with the enjoyment of simply painting I was able to calm down. 

Over the past few years I’ve delved into learning about business, email marketing, social media, and just information overload. It’s time for me to unsubscribe. I need to focus on the things I enjoy and walk away from everything else that I don’t. 

Is there anything you need to take a break from? What are you unsubscribing from? 

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