Thoughts on Higher Education

I had so man ideas spur through my mind and didn’t capture them. One thingI am constantly trying to figure out – ok maybe two – is how to get out of debt faster and whether or not it’d be a wise decision to go back to grad school. I do believe there are many resources readily available today, and with so many people teaching in the online space it just makes me wonder – should I go back to grad school? I saw on twitter earlier today an openIDEO challenge about Higher Education.

When I think of higher education I think of student loans, the debt I am currently repaying, and how long it will take to get out of that hole. I don’t believe higher education prepares students, or better yet young adults for real world challenges.

It’s post graduating college that I learned about finances – from working at a bank. Its from working with creative agencies that I found that they can lay you off at any given moment – they aren’t loyal. It’s post graduation I learned that there’s more to business than having idea. I always talk about what I’d do differently if I knew everything I know now back then.

I’d love to continue college because I enjoy learning. When in college I thought I wanted to double major in polar opposing studies. I didn’t want to be a forever student and I was slowly falling out of love with biology, so I changed majors.

It would be interesting if higher education wasn’t so expensive. Like why should I pay 100k, take two year off from school only to make half of that money back? Not to mention, if I were an employee within that university, I’d be able to continue my education for free.

I am not certain that the systems currently set in place are to push people to go and continue their learning. Most people would rather fill their time with entertainment and television, I enjoy creating, reading and engaging in deep conversations – especially those that I walk away learning something new. I’ve been debating if I should engage in the openIDEO challenge for higher education. I’d like to go back to grad school I’m just not sure that it would be for the right reasons at this time.

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