The Roller Coaster Ride

The roller coaster ride called life.

This morning for some reason I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t in a good mood. I felt a little depressed even. As the day moved along, I felt a little better. Then I listened to the last chapter of the book mindset. And I felt way better.

I really do think its important to talk to other people. They help you get out of your funk. It’s too easy to get locked in a cycle of your own thoughts. Thinking about how terrible something is, or how your planned out day turned into a fail. The days where I don’t start my day off with my morning mantras are the ones where its a bit more difficult.

While I didn’t focus on my typical mantras I did focus on a verse: Romans 10:17. I found this in a devotion. In short, the message was to feed your Faith and Starve Your Blessings.

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