The Mystery Mango

I absolutely love mangos.

They are by far my favorite fruit. I purchased a hand full not too long ago and slowly let them ripen and enjoy them in the form of a smoothie, or as a snack.

Have you ever had your heart set out on consuming a snack or a meal that you saved for a later time – only to find out someone else indulged in it for you?

Well, earlier this week my mom saw the last mango and claimed it.

She sent me a text message saying, “I’m taking the last Mango”, I said ok.

Monday I saw it still on the table and I began to wonder if she still wanted it or not.

I didn’t think much of it and kept it moving.

Today as I write this – it’s Wednesday – and mom really wanted her mango.

I kept telling her it wasn’t me.

She began speculating, my sister, my cousin, the nurse aides?

Honestly – I have no clue who took the last mango just that I need to purchase more and enough so that each person can have at least two.

And no we never found out who took the mango.

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