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The Museum as My Muse

Its been a while since I’ve gone to visit a museum. As a child I visited them regularly especially since I majored in fine arts.

Often we visited places and museums like Washington DC, MOMA in NYC, The Metropolitain Muesum of Art, and locally, in Jersey I’d frequent the Newark Museum.
This past Sunday, I was able to rearrange my schedule to visit the Cooper Hewitt Museum. It was my first time there. This museum is fairly small and while visiting one exhibition was being prepped for installation. The Jazz Age opens on April 7th and if I can rearrange my schedule I’ll be sure to revisit.
Some cool things I noticed: much more interactive than other museums. They gave us a pen where we could interact with the information cards and record what we saw. I of course out of habit still took my own photos. I wish I went with my sketch book but decided to go and sketch after. I really enjoyed these bird houses, and these stair cases. I was also attracted to the patterns – something I consider to be bold and don’t often wear on my own without a push from a friend.
The first exhibit reminded me of IDEO’s design thinking course. Taking two completely different ideas that don’t ever seem to work together and creating new ideas and experiences. You can check out my visit here.
** Note they are still updating a few things so there may be a few glitches**

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