The Most Difficult Job

The most difficult job I’ve seen my mom take on has been the role of Care giver to her own mother.

My mom has worn many hats; starting from daughter, to entrepreneur, to nurse, to singer and song writer to seamstress, to baker, to cook, to mom, to counselor, to teacher, wife – in no particular order. The latest role I’ve seen her take on – and carry out for a while is care giver.

As the primary care giver to her mom she’s made countless sacrifices;

  • no traveling especially if its more than a day
  • has lost touch with friends
  • grown distant from family  (friends and loved ones)
  • bee taken advantage of by family members with finances
  • has had to let go of several jobs due to the lack of commitment of home health aids signing up for jobs and not showing up for work.

That last one is a real issue.

There was one morning I just so happen to stay home from church. My mom had already left for work, and prepped the food for my grandmother, laid out the medication and had directions for the home health aid to come and take over.

Instead they called out. My mom got the call while she was at work and began to panic. She assumed my grandma was home alone – and wouldn’t get fed, changed and all the other needed things we do on a daily without a second thought. Thank God I was home that day. I was able to do what I could and as a previous worker as a home health aid I knew what to do.

Being a primary care giver takes a toll on you though – mentally, physically, emotionally. Its not an easy role to assume and for this reason many people put their elders in group homes. It takes a toll on the family. Its not that they aren’t loved, and aren’t cared for, its that its not an easy job and its difficult to find people, resources, and facilities that would actually take care of people as they should be taken care of. Instead, its often all about the money – the bottom line, the profit that companies make – and should you find one that meets the needs it expenses are through the roof.

Today my mom had to quit another job, because someone called out. Yet they have no idea the domino affect it has on the life of another person.

Note to all of you out there; take your job seriously.

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