The Last Sound?

As I came home today I saw someone in a suit at our door step. In the back of my head I already knew what he was there for. It wasn’t a family member it wasn’t a friend. It wasn’t someone dressed in a recognizable uniform either. The only people that come to your house after 5pm in a suit is a sales person. 
Can you guess who was at the door? Life insurance guy. While I’ve spoken on death several times on my blog for some reason I laid my head down to go to bed and death came to mind. So…. I’ve been wanting to answer this question posed by open ideo and  

What’s the last sound you wish to hear before you die? How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones?  

Often I’ve heard people say they want to die in their sleep. Others have said they’d prefer a freak accident. (What!?) But to really sit back and think about the sounds you hear day to day –  I’m not quite sure what I’d like to hear last. 

Some people have said they want to have one last conversation with friends and family. It sounds cool to know that you’d be able to have one last conversation but what happens if I don’t get to finish my sentence?  (Can be funny or frightening)

One thing I do enjoy is being awaken by the sounds of birds chirping in the summer time. They sound happy and as if they are singing. I think I’d like to know from my friends what they’d want to hear. 

Agai, I know I’ve talked about death a few times – seems that the older you get the more ways you realize you can die … quicker. I’m all about living a full life but I’m not sure yet what the last sound I’d like to hear. 

I’m going to check out what other people have said but in the mean time what would you like to hear? 

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  • Shamma

    ummmmm yeah i definitely would go with having one last conversation with my family and friends or God. Him tell me its time and to let go!

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