The last of SP O.SIP

The last of Summer Project, Orlando Summer Internship Program, I must say that I left with a feeling of wanting to do more for this Organization. Impact Movement has definitely left a print on my heart. The excitement of what they look forward to just rubs off. I would definitely consider working with them but I think the most challenging part is having to raise your own support money. I know that it does help strengthen your faith in Christ but I also know first hand that raising support is difficult.

I have so much to decide within this next year and I am unsure of where to even begin. I am sure if I made a list, it would be a never ending one. But I know to leave everything in the hands of the Father above and trust in Him for He has control over everything.

All the things that I have gained, I know that I am going to share with those around me. Its just too great to keep to myself. I am however, going to take each day one day at a time and see where the Lord leads me. Until next time… whenever that is, Peace and Blessings.

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