The inner critic is not you

I was listening to creative live with Neil Stauss and he mentioned something about the inner critic.  

He said its not you. It’s the voice of other people. 

That got me to think. 

All the times when I’m hard on myself what’s the story I hear? “This sucks!” From my freshman ID professor that didn’t have enough language in his vocabulary to teach and give helpful feed back. 

“I asked you to do one thing”, my mom! 

It’s all too often that we’re to please people and satisfy them through our work – yet they continue to have some form of dissatisfaction in how the work is done. 

Now anytime I hear the negative comments I stop to think who programmed these thoughts. I’m curious to know if this is all true. 

What do you think? Are you the inner critic or is it the voice of someone else? 

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