The Half Way Mark

So in case you are unaware of why my posts show up on twitter and Facebook everyday, I figure its time to give an update.

I am soon to be reaching the half way mark of showing up and writing everyday for 365 days! As I write I am working on my story telling, sharing my experiences – and hoping to interact with the people that are brave enough to leave a comment.

While there are a few more days until I reach 182.5 days of writing I figure I should do a mini evaluation:

  • the best posts are the ones where I spill my guts about my personal life.
  • There is at least one reader each day – whom ever you are thank you!
  • my longer posts also tend to get read.
  • If I don’t know what to write I go to my day one journal and search for other things I’ve written about.
  • I need to do a better job in the story telling
  • I have typos like theres no tomorrow.
  • I need to give myself more time to write – showing up at 11:30 pm may give me time to reflect on my day – but my best writing comes to me when I am at my day job.
  • I write primarily for myself – to get better at communication, expressing my thoughts and story telling on paper/in writing format.
  • Reading inspires me to write and share my own views of what I just read.
  • Podcasts are also an inspiration to draw from when I feel blank about what to write about.


I’ll be writing more intently and working on my story telling – so if you have any questions let me know!


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