The Gift of Service

At the end of the day, most jobs are servicing people. There is a need that is met for someone. It seems this is often forgotten and over looked. Regardless if you are a janitor mopping floors and cleaning toilets, at a front desk greeting people, at a restaurant taking orders, at a nail salon getting pampered, or a pilot in an airplane people are being serviced by and for people.

Yet people are complicated and have issues – from having a bad day, to being over worked and underpaid, or mismanaging their finances, to just not liking their job and feeling they deserve something of more prestige — perhaps its our way of thinking that needs to change.

I’ve talked about my grandmother throughout my blog and I see how difficult it is to find someone who understands the situation, someone who cares enough to take their time in the feeding process, washing, bathing etc. the daily things we don’t even think twice about as they are nearly natural occurrences.

One might ask why not do it yourself? Sure – lets not forget that there is also food preparation, a daytime job, travel – a whole other life in the mix. Rather than create products for elderly people, I am interesting in knowing how we might affect, reimagine and change the service industry for those in need of full care. Should you be blessed to live past the age of retirement and not have full mobility and functionality, do you have family around to service you? Or will you end up in a nursing home where they assign multiple people to one service provider? The consciousness and reality of health and the issues that come with them continue to rear their face to me.

Often times I wish I knew what more I could do, other times it seems more of a waiting-it-out until the inevitable comes.

Ultimately – and the reasoning behind this post: I wish people took more pride and ownership in the aspect of service. It is a gift, no one has to do anything for you. Those service jobs are often under rated but much needed for businesses to flourish.

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