The End of College Life

For the past hour and a half, (time is currently 10:16 am) I have been looking to find a theme that would WOW the heck outta me. But to my surprise – or maybe not – all the themes that I feel would fit my personality or that seemed to work were under premium. Seems like you can’t really get anything good for free these days. With that said I am going to learn how to do web design!

Anyway, as I reflect on graduation coming up I can’t help but feel both anxious and excited. For as long as I can remember my mom has been the loudest cheerleader in my corner pushing me to go as far as I can and to accomplish so much.

I’ve learned so much from my college experience – from freshman year at Montclair State University to my senior year here at Rochester Institute of Technology. Experiencing things like dorm life, meeting new people, and witnessing the crazy things people do to get attention and the times of reflection when we can say, “ remember when”…..

I will truly miss college and all the great people I’ve met who have had such great impact on my life. 

I think most of  all I am happy, no PROUD that I am not another statistic. I made it through college with out being influenced to do some of the things that can destruct ones life. I’m not pregnant, I didn’t get hurt by the “playas”, and I’ve learned to work hard for everything. Even if its minimum wage. I can’t say that the road through college was easy but I know its worth every bit. All the challenges like facing racism in a predominantly white school, financial struggle, and finding joy in the rough times all have helped to shape me, my character and where I’m headed in the near future. 

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