Talking Through Walls

Ok- today’s post is a bit of a rant. Feel free to skip and go to the next one. 

Still around? Ok story time:

My mom has this really bad habit of  talking to me through walls in the house. 
The sound is muffled, distant, and she shouts to try to ensure I can hear her. I never understand why my mom insists on doing this. 

I have to stop what ever it is I am doing to go and see what it is she needs or hear what she is saying. 

Let’s use today as an example: after taking my clothes up the flight of steps to bring into my room from the basement, she talks to me through the bathroom door. When I check to see what she was saying – she was talking about the food I cooked, and how the avocado was ripe and ready to eat with it 🤔. Ok mom. 

Or let’s use another example: tomorrow is trash day and the boxes needed to be put out. I hear muffling through the pantry doorway. After leaving my room (whilst watching a movie) I check to see what she was saying. “You didn’t finish taking the trash out.” (Actually I did – you happen to empty a few more boxes). 

Are you a parent? Do you do this? 

You’d be better off with an intercom rather than shouting across the room. No one can hear you! The part that sucks is if you shout back then it’s considered disrespectful. 

Sigh- just can’t win sometimes. If you’re a parent be mindful about talking through walls. No one can understand a word coming out your mouth. 

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