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    Behind the scenes painting process

    So as many people know – especially if you are following along my Facebook timeline and maybe even my twitter feed, I’ve been using my art and design to help raise funds for my missions trip in just a few short weeks. I found out today that my campaign is trending. (Yay) But trending won’t get me to Haiti šŸ‡­šŸ‡¹ Donations will. As an incentive to encourage people to give more, if one donates $100 or more I’ll create a custom piece for them. Today I’ll show you behind the scenes of painting number three. I can’t show you the completed painting of number two because well, it’s been shipped…

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    Something Is Happening Here

    It’s getting easier to share my writings and asĀ comments pour in there is a new found motivation happening. So far the topics that seem to resonate the most are fitness/wellness and health, beauty, faith and spirituality, and a few of the life lessons learned. While this is an assumption, it informs me that the writing needs to be relatable and not always offer a solution- Ā but perhaps invite someone to share their experience, thoughts and opinions. A common ground really. But something else is happening as well, showing up to my blog allowed me to talk freely (where I felt comfortable in sharing publicly) about myself, my struggles, fears and…

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    In Two Years

    This morning I was scrolling through my photos on my phone and I came across one that was taken during my brother and sister (in law) wedding shower. I was so happy back then. I was working out, I enjoyed the outfits I was able to wear and well… two years down the line, and a whole lot of stress later – I’ve gained nearly thirty pounds, a double chin and then some. However, looking at those photos made me realize I can still change a few things. It motivated me to take my behind to the gym this morning. I did 45 minutes of cardio. I figured that 45…

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    It's Not Really A Friday If You Have To Work – Right?

    “It’s Not Really A Friday If You Have To Work – Right?” What is the energy you bring to work each day? Work is one of those things many people dread. I’m not even gonna front – I find myself dreading work some days too. However I’ve found that mindset is where is all starts. I am known as the early bird in the office. I really despise being late to anything, and since I often arrive before anyone else, I take it as an opportunity to set the day off. I greet everyone with a cheerful smile, get the coffee pot going and set the temperature to a comfy…

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    Design, Legacy, Work

    I love design because it’s a way to communicate visually. To capture ideas, tell captivating stories, push and pull on emotions – yet it can also be interpreted differently across nations. Be it design that is digital, formal, physical products or the illusions we create design is amazing. When I was in college course we took ranged from fine art – the foundations of drawing and illustration, to digital art like Photoshop and illustrator, and 3D like solid works rhino, and CAD. My course load was often anywhere between 18 to 21 credits, along with working a part-time job. Luckily I managed to find the jobs that would allowed me…

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    A typical 9 to 5 job just isn’t for me. I can’t sit for hours at a time at a computer desk with people looking over my shoulder to see what’s on my screen. I think I am so used to college life where you get to walk around every so often if you need to, or to even talk to other people. If I am able to find a way to do what I love most, in a way where it isn’t a typical office setting, it would be great!