Something Is Happening Here

Something Is Happening Here

It’s getting easier to share my writings and as comments pour in there is a new found motivation happening. So far the topics that seem to resonate the most are fitness/wellness and health, beauty, faith and spirituality, and a few of the life lessons learned.

While this is an assumption, it informs me that the writing needs to be relatable and not always offer a solution-  but perhaps invite someone to share their experience, thoughts and opinions. A common ground really.

But something else is happening as well, showing up to my blog allowed me to talk freely (where I felt comfortable in sharing publicly) about myself, my struggles, fears and dislikes – but as new people come along for the journey I know I don’t wish to sound like I am rambling. It’s forcing me to choose my topics a bit more intentionally.

But my writing were (selfishly) for me. A place to clear my head, improve my writing style, “find my voice” as people like to say and just explore. But more people are peeping in. Curiosity is striking and I see you! 🙂

One thing I believe is that we have one life and everything is interconnected. From the choices we make, to the people we meet, the seasons of life and everything in between its there with and for purpose.

I want these writing to help me articulate better and help me in finding clarity – especially when it comes to designing for people. This thing thats happening has only come through experimenting, showing up consistently, and being authentic.

Perhaps a crowd is forming- and I’m not gonna lie – it’s interesting to take note, to point it out even. Perhaps an audience is forming.


It feels so good to just…

mmm, not sure what you were thinking but I was going to write, “It feels so good to just create”.

I promise you I’ve been adding so much pressure and so many things to my plate. There’s been so much noise around me that once I decided to say “F#&% it” and create without any specific outcome – it feels so good. This creating came from a song in my heart and decided to create around that.

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The Gift of Service

At the end of the day, most jobs are servicing people. There is a need that is met for someone. It seems this is often forgotten and over looked. Regardless if you are a janitor mopping floors and cleaning toilets, at a front desk greeting people, at a restaurant taking orders, at a nail salon getting pampered, or a pilot in an airplane people are being serviced by and for people.

Yet people are complicated and have issues – from having a bad day, to being over worked and underpaid, or mismanaging their finances, to just not liking their job and feeling they deserve something of more prestige — perhaps its our way of thinking that needs to change.

I’ve talked about my grandmother throughout my blog and I see how difficult it is to find someone who understands the situation, someone who cares enough to take their time in the feeding process, washing, bathing etc. the daily things we don’t even think twice about as they are nearly natural occurrences.

One might ask why not do it yourself? Sure – lets not forget that there is also food preparation, a daytime job, travel – a whole other life in the mix. Rather than create products for elderly people, I am interesting in knowing how we might affect, reimagine and change the service industry for those in need of full care. Should you be blessed to live past the age of retirement and not have full mobility and functionality, do you have family around to service you? Or will you end up in a nursing home where they assign multiple people to one service provider? The consciousness and reality of health and the issues that come with them continue to rear their face to me.

Often times I wish I knew what more I could do, other times it seems more of a waiting-it-out until the inevitable comes.

Ultimately – and the reasoning behind this post: I wish people took more pride and ownership in the aspect of service. It is a gift, no one has to do anything for you. Those service jobs are often under rated but much needed for businesses to flourish.

In Session

So as I mentioned, my online classes started and I spent a few hours last night jotting down notes, sketches and answering online questions while going through insights to innovation.

Initially its a bit intimidating. There are nearly 400 people taking this online course. Notifications and emails are consistently coming in. I’m tempted to read them all! There are unique challenges throughout and you choose one to focus on throughout the course. One of them reminds me of the openIDEO challenge: developing a product or service with credit unions for 60 year olds. There were some really great projects that came about of that.

We started the course by observing visually. We looked at items in people’s bags – without judgement. I believe the without judgement aspect is really difficult because we’ve been conditioned to do so for very long. We fail to look at things objectively and we begin to insinuate, project, plant our ideas to what we see.

For example, with the bags we saw, one person had an old banana peel in their bag – what thoughts come to mind? It looked yellow and brown so it had to be eaten that same day, or no more than a day old. With a judgmental mind you may be disgusted but what if there was nowhere to throw out the banana peel? Or what if they are health conscious and wanted to keep healthy snacks around? What if they were a gardener and wanted to reuse the peel in their mulch?

Now that’s only one item coming form one person. If you were to empty your bag what would be in there? Something that is unique in my bag – an emergency clothing kit. Something tends to go wrong with my clothing – it like never fails to miss me.

I really liked the idea of keeping an ah-ha journal. It entails capturing a photo of what you’ve observed to be different and writing about it. I often journal and write and keep notepads, moleskines and the likes with me. This is a way to put a spin on it.

The challenge I chose involves healthy eating habits for the family. I’m  excited to go out an observe, ask questions, and capture stories people share. So much happens with food around and often times we opt for whats quick, cheap and easy. So much so, that we’ve opted for food that isn’t really food, put on weight at an even younger age, resulting in major health issues in the future. The focus in this challenge is on children and I secretly want to be better in my own health, so I decided its to jump into this one.

Let’s not forget I still have a goal of dropping a few pounds this year. I’m hoping this helps in putting me on track, gain more awareness and education of food and our connection to it. I’m still a weak behind in the course (they give you a pace to follow but there is flexibility in scheduling as well).

Health and nutrition is a major part of our being yet its an area where we lack so much discipline. I’ll keep you updated with the course! In the mean time, whats in your bag? What healthy meals do you enjoy?

Waiting For Inspiration

Waiting for inspiration is probably one of the worst things you can do. There is no guarantee that inspiration will motivate you to take action on what you’ve been stalling on.

I’ll admit, I was stalling on writing today. I completed an entire paragraph only to l feel that my topic wasn’t genuine or interesting. In my opinion it was full of fluff. I was writing just to write. It then made me think – what was it that I was searching for? Why wasn’t I writing? Then the thought crossed my mind, “I don’t feel inspired.” It’s true, I wasn’t feeling inspired. But should we wait to feel inspired to take action? 

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A Life Of Waiting

How many times have you said these things?

I can’t wait until I’m an adult! 

I can’ wait until I’m older!

I can’t wait to get to high school, college, graduate…

I can’t wait until I’m 21 

I can’t wait to have a boyfriend

I can’t wait to get married

I can’t wait to have children

I can’t wait to get that promotion….. 

As you get older the “I can’t wait turns into something else. Other people are waiting to see your life transform. Maybe its so that you can share experiences and stories (that’s the positive spin on it – but not everyone is for you). It doesn’t help that when I walk into certain premises the “expectations of other people in their waiting” are reinforced.

All too often I hear, “When are you getting married?” – excuse me but I can’t propose to myself.

“When are you having children?” – see the above.

“It’s time to change jobs.” – Are you hiring and willing to pay well? 

“You should buy a house.” – I believe in no debt, and I’m working my way out of it.

“You Should move to get a better job.” – Family is important to me, If I move it has to be worthwhile.

“You should go back to school.” ….. But should I? Will you give me the funds to go? Will you create the time in my schedule for me to attend? I am an advocate of education – it doesn’t always have to be in the school system. Besides the world is changing, technology is emerging, yet it seems that our systems are not evolving. 


One of the best quotes I’ve heard while indulging in youtube videos is this:

Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has them but they don’t really matter.

This dialogue that I constantly hear translates into a life of waiting. I don’t believe that life is intended to be lived that way. It causes anxiety, unnecessary stress, and you never know what you may be imposing onto other people. I believe that life should be lived to its fullest. It should be filled with lasting experiences. People need to learn to develop their own thoughts. They need to understand who they are – and yes I realize people are “developing later” i.e. moving out of their parents home later, having children later – just every thing extended later in life.

Rather than impose on people see where their hearts and minds are, see what their dreams and aspirations are. Get to know them.

While hoping and expecting for certain life experiences is a good thing, I personally don’t need the constant reminder that I am aging and that “time is running out”. Yes life is short, but its also life-long.

Things I wish my mom taught me sooner… Part 1

Things I wish my mom taught me sooner…. Part 1
Let me start by saying I am not a parent.
While I hope to be one in the future I hope that this post would come back to me as a reminder to my future parent self.
Now that my formality introduction is out the way here are a few things I wish I learned sooner in life.

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The End of College Life

For the past hour and a half, (time is currently 10:16 am) I have been looking to find a theme that would WOW the heck outta me. But to my surprise – or maybe not – all the themes that I feel would fit my personality or that seemed to work were under premium. Seems like you can’t really get anything good for free these days. With that said I am going to learn how to do web design!

Anyway, as I reflect on graduation coming up I can’t help but feel both anxious and excited. For as long as I can remember my mom has been the loudest cheerleader in my corner pushing me to go as far as I can and to accomplish so much.

I’ve learned so much from my college experience – from freshman year at Montclair State University to my senior year here at Rochester Institute of Technology. Experiencing things like dorm life, meeting new people, and witnessing the crazy things people do to get attention and the times of reflection when we can say, “ remember when”…..

I will truly miss college and all the great people I’ve met who have had such great impact on my life. 

I think most of  all I am happy, no PROUD that I am not another statistic. I made it through college with out being influenced to do some of the things that can destruct ones life. I’m not pregnant, I didn’t get hurt by the “playas”, and I’ve learned to work hard for everything. Even if its minimum wage. I can’t say that the road through college was easy but I know its worth every bit. All the challenges like facing racism in a predominantly white school, financial struggle, and finding joy in the rough times all have helped to shape me, my character and where I’m headed in the near future.