Cleaning House

Today is Labor Day.

And I decided to work. I cleaned out my room and did laundry. I’ve lost count how many loads but in the back of my mind all  I could think of was

  1. when will it end
  2. when did I get all these clothes and
  3. Can I still fit this?

Last week Wednesday I went to the doctor’s office and got news about my health. There’s huge possibility that I may have a thyroid problem.

Growing up my mom used to tell me about all the issues she had health wise. Her thyroid was one of them. She told me how she always had cold feet. Throughout the past years, I’ve had cold feet, or I’m always complaining about how cold I am in the work place office, and everyone just looks at me like I’m crazy.

I’m extremely worried.

And I know I have to make better decisions – otherwise, nothing will change. I’ve found it very difficult to stay committed to working out – especially if I’m going to bed super late.

In the previous years that wasn’t a problem for me.

I had a routine in place – but what’s been difficult is getting a new regimen and routine in place that I could actually commit to.

Currently, I am working two jobs, and taking on freelance clients. I simply need to better manage my time.

I believe this includes eliminating unproductive tasks and events that do not contribute toward my goal.

Today,  I was listening to James Clear on youtube about several keystone habits and how to go about implementing them. It gives me hope again that all is not lost when it comes to health.

I was also listening to a YouTuber when she compared fitness, growth, and contentment. If you plant a seed you don’t get mad that the seed isn;t a plant over night. You know it takes time to grow, and in the same way, weight loss health or anything else for that matter takes time to change.

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I’ve also been thinking about documenting with youtube…

If you are into health and fitness and know of ways to reverse health issues feel free to connect and comment below.

Falling Off The Wagon

One of the most difficult things I’ve found is getting back on the wagon after I’ve fallen off.
It’s been a constant struggle trying to get back to a regimen if working out, prepping meals, and taking on client work – all while working a nine to five. It’s practically impossible to do all those things and remain sane.
I think back and try to figure out what my motivation was and where my determination came from – and sometimes it was an upcoming event or a team of people that helped keep me accountable.
I have steadily been gaining weight and have crossed over the 200 mark. I can feel the weight weighing me down. I can say it’s in consistency, that work has been stressful, that I don’t have time to prep meals – but when you have a schedule it’s so much easier to stick to and to make progress. And the schedule has to be realistic.
I’m working on taking each day, one day at a time and making a lifestyle change that can last over the years.
I’m reminded by a good friend who shared some verses she quoted while she was running and walking on the track this weekend, ” The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but those that endure to the end”, and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
Let us continue this race and remember it takes time for our bodies to make a difference.

le Struggle

We are in the last month of the first quarter.

How many of you are still keeping up with your health and fitness goals?

I’ve gone up and down in my weight, sometimes I have my meals prepped and other times a run to Dunkin Donuts is what saves me.

I’ve joined several Facebook groups, snapchat challenges – the hardest part is meal prepping. the second hardest part is eating the food you came with when everyone else is ordering out!

I know it starts with self discipline but I still feel like I lack motivation.

I don’t want to do a crash diet – I want to live life and enjoy the food I eat.

I’ve found it difficult to go to the gym – the gym was a place to work off the stress freely and work on my body. Now I find myself barely ready to leave the house for work. let alone having time for the gym.

I can do a detox with no problem but to stick to a specific meal plan – thats been difficult.

Are you a health blogger? What suggestions do you have? Somebody HELP ME!

Our Body Talks

Growing up I’ve seen the people around me work very hard. It was both out of necessity for survival and a few of them because they enjoyed it. Everyone from my grandmother, mother, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins – everyone works very hard. Physical labor or holding down two jobs – it was work, work ,work, work, werk (like Rihanna would say). It wasn’t too often that I saw my mom or brother down from being sick – but when they did get sick man… It took a toll on them. It would take weeks to fully recover.

Can you tell where this is headed? Today I write to you sick in bed. It was probably from staying outside too long when the mini snow storm happened this past weekend. I had to shovel the front of the house, the side entrance, the steps to the front of the house, the parking space for my mother and shovel out my car. Or maybe just being in the company of a few other people who weren’t feeling 100%.

I honestly feel as though I have the flu – and my body is aching. It feels as though I was hit by a bus. Everything hurts and I have a headache that wont let me be great.

I must say however, taking the day off from work makes me have this other feeling of guilt associated with it. I feel as though I have a duty to accomplish and I may be hindering the other people I work with. Yet on the contrary – I know just how important health is. It makes no sense to go to work and spread germs, and have everyone looking at you with the side eye because you decided to come and spread germs. While the company I work for has an emphasis on people first, I wouldn’t want it to seem as though I am not trying to work. (I know that I need to change up my own mindset – hence why I decided to take the day off).

One of my goals this year – like many other people – is to be healthier. I’ve already started changing my eating habits and I am a bit curious to know how to up my immune system. Then low and behold I get an email from Marie Forleo. It’s an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman – first time I’ve heard of him – but he goes on to tell all these stories about health, social factors, and little changes that can be done to improve your health. One thing I firmly believe – what good is your wealth if you don’t have your health? You wont be able to really enjoy activities or your money.

I know that our body talks. It communicates with us to let us know that we need to rest. There shouldn’t be guilt associated with it. I personally need to learn how to take it easy. I need to allow more room for unexpected events. I’ll be revisiting my goals list and breaking them down by quarter this way it’ll be much more achievable and realistic.

I believe that better health starts with proper education, access to resources, and a mind shift. I found it interesting to hear that sometimes just changing your zip-code can make you a healthier person. But it makes sense. The fast food chain restaurant  places aren’t as easily accessible. In some areas you’ll have all of these things lined up one after the other OR less than a mile apart from each other:

  • TGI Friday’s
  • Chipotle
  • Apple Bee’s
  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • White Castle
  • Ihop
  • KFC

The list can go on and on.

After watching the interview, I now have a few additional books to add to my reading list.

  • the ten day detox
  • ultra mind solution
  • the blood sugar solution
  • the purpose driven life
  • Eat fat get thin (cook book)

I believe it starts with education, then slowly implementing and taking action. I believe we need to look at food differently and remove the labels, “good food /bad food”. Anything in excess is harmful to our health.

Curious to watch the interview? It’s thirty minuets long and really informative. Here’s the link.

P.S. I think showing up everyday is incredible and I see why a buffer is needed for times like this. Slowly but surely – I’m working on it. Some of my best writing ideas come from reading/listening to audio books and podcasts. It stirs up other ideas and allows me to shape up my own point of view. I know I don’t really have a central theme for writing at the moment. It’s more of “stream of conscience writing” or a public journal. For now I’m ok with that.

Now off for more rest. And to eat! Something “healthy” of course.


Summer Smoothies 101

my brother purchased some really good granny smith apples and kept asking me for a smoothie. so i went online and found this recipe, I will be sure to share my results after making it. 

Apple Nutmeg Smoothie

October 3, 2011 · Filed Under Apple Smoothies · 2 Comments 

apple-nutmeg-smoothieI’m not so sure about an apple a day keeping the doctor away but the health benefits of apples can’t be argued. This fruit is good for you and plentiful year round so keeping it as part of your diet is easy and a good choice for optimum health. ApplesMalic Acid and tartaric acids help break down fat in the body and this also aids in digestion and helps to lower cholesterol. Be careful, apples can tend to be a bit frothy, but that only adds to the visual appeal of this apple smoothie.

Tip: Adding cinnamon or cardamom is nice change in place of the nutmeg.

Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped
  • 7 ounces apple juice
  • 7 ounces coconut milk
  • ¼ tsp. freshly grated nutmeg

Add the apple with the coconut milk, apple juice and nutmeg. Blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and sprinkle a little nutmeg on top for garnish. Should serve 2 people nicely.

Pre-Sex Shake as seen on

Ingredients: 1/3 cup figs (chopped) 1 banana 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened vanilla) 2 tsp of peanut butter 1/3 cup honey ½ cup ice

Directions: In a blender, combine all ingredients and puree until smooth. Enjoy!

Thought this was funny !!!!

Health & Fitness

After coming across a post in a blog I just had to share. I am on a health journey and this startles me! The original Blog post has been posted below and you can visit their site here

Are You Hungry? Pink Slime, Anyone?

Or thirsty?

Pink slime in the burgers and beetle extract in the strawberry drinks.  Sounds delish, doesn’t it?

So far this week we have learned that there are some unbelievable “supplemental” additives in our food that we purchase at our local grocery store and Starbucks.  

Apparently, Starbucks resorted to using beetle extract to avoid using artificial coloring in their Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino and strawberry smoothies.  I won’t even go into the area of Fair Trade of which no barista I’ve spoken to is even aware.  

For a while, now without our knowledge, the ground beef in the stores and restaurants have been ‘bumped up’ with pink slime or lean, finely-textured meat, as they call it.  True, many grocers (and McDonalds) have pulled the items from their supply but, really?  REALLY???  

We not only have to deal with the Genetically Modified/Bio-tech foods that they don’t have to tell us about, but now this.  I wish that I could say our government is protecting us and our children from eating foods that will make us immune to antibiotics, grow tumors, cause allergies, and KILL US, but I can’t.

The FDA is packed with people who were on the board for the main culprit, Monsanto.  Even Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, worked as legal for them years ago.  The USDA is the same.  In case, you were not aware, the company is the one that created Roundup, to kill weeds.  Then created an insecticide-resistant soy bean…resistant to all but Roundup.  They patented the seed, and many others, as well, like corn, wheat, and canola.  Therefore, a farmer is no longer able to use or REUSE his own seeds to farm or he will be violating a patent, be sued, and, sometimes literally, lose the farm.  We watched a documentary called “The Future of Food” and other investigations into this matter that show farms being sued because Monsanto came and took samples indicating the patented seed was in the farmers’ crops.  How do you keep pollen out?  Visits by insects or a breeze can contaminate acres.  They did not intentionally plant it but it was there and that’s all that mattered to the courts.

Our government has determined that there is no responsibility to tell us that our food has some GMO product in it.  There is no responsibility to advise us of it at all.  Know why?  Because if it said it was there,  in writing, and someone had a reaction to it, became ill, etc. it could be traced back to that food and, therefore, that company.    

We were supposed to be convinced that fooling around with the genes of live plants would save starving Third World countries.  It has not. They’ve done this in some of the poorest areas of the world and put local farmers out of business which is why they are even more destitute.

What is the next step? They have already patented a breast cancer.  The feed they give animals are patented.  Does that make whatever the animal becomes part of that patent?  Then, we eat the animal product or plant.  I suppose they could patent human life at some point?  Scary, isn’t it?  It’s like a Sci-fi/horror movie where you may not be able to reproduce without the Corporation’s agreement.  Then they ‘own’ what is born.  (Shiver!)

I wish the U.S. had gone the way of European countries in rejecting this monstrous creation. I found this on

The European Union guarantees the traceability and labelling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and products produced from these organisms throughout the food chain. Traceability of GMOs allows the monitoring and checking of information given on labels, the monitoring of effects on the environment and the withdrawal of products from the market in cases where new scientific data demonstrate that the GMOs used in the product present an environmental or health risk.

GUARANTEES IT!  Gee, it sounds like they actually care about their citizens. What is wrong with the U.S.?  This brings to mind so many questions of ethics in science.  AGAIN.  Where should you draw the line?  When do you realize you are sacrificing lives due to greed and avarice…and STOP?

Wondering yet what is safe to eat?  Well, our house is focusing on organic and local farms.  Most of the food hasn’t travelled so far that it’s lost its nutrients.  You can talk to the person that actually grew it.  You can ask questions.  I’m the carnivore in the family, so I seek out grass-fed safe beef and chicken.  You do know that cows eat grass not corn, didn’t you?  But corn is cheaper.  Also, although, I once killed a cactus, I’m looking into starting a small garden in pots.  My husband talked me out of the chickens, for eggs.  I’m sort of glad he did.  Ew.

The bottom line is—find out all you can about what you place in your mouth–in your children’s mouths.  Read the labels.  High fructose corn syrup is one of the villainous products to watch for.  (By the way, all the food in the aisles will soon be manufactured under 4-6 large corporations under all the different brands.  But that’s another post for another rant.)  Personally, my eyes were opened when I read a cracker label that indicated it contained canola, cottonseed, AND/OR soybean oil.  If they don’t know then….

That, of course, is a legal way of getting around any illness that may result from eating it.  I’ve been wondering for years now, why more children are asthmatic these days, what is with the ADD/ADHD diagnosis increase, childhood cancers, diabetes, and the obesity rates.  Wish I’d gone deeper into the science field. This would be a thorn in my side until I figured out.  For now, all we can do is be careful and watch.

So, I hope this has urged you to not just accept whatever is in the grocery aisles as good for you because it may taste good and, certainly, not just because the box saysso.  There is more, much more, at stake here.

Sigh! These are the times I envy Adam and Eve…you know, before they screwed everything up.

Health & Fitness