Something Is Happening Here

Something Is Happening Here

It’s getting easier to share my writings and as comments pour in there is a new found motivation happening. So far the topics that seem to resonate the most are fitness/wellness and health, beauty, faith and spirituality, and a few of the life lessons learned.

While this is an assumption, it informs me that the writing needs to be relatable and not always offer a solution-  but perhaps invite someone to share their experience, thoughts and opinions. A common ground really.

But something else is happening as well, showing up to my blog allowed me to talk freely (where I felt comfortable in sharing publicly) about myself, my struggles, fears and dislikes – but as new people come along for the journey I know I don’t wish to sound like I am rambling. It’s forcing me to choose my topics a bit more intentionally.

But my writing were (selfishly) for me. A place to clear my head, improve my writing style, “find my voice” as people like to say and just explore. But more people are peeping in. Curiosity is striking and I see you! 🙂

One thing I believe is that we have one life and everything is interconnected. From the choices we make, to the people we meet, the seasons of life and everything in between its there with and for purpose.

I want these writing to help me articulate better and help me in finding clarity – especially when it comes to designing for people. This thing thats happening has only come through experimenting, showing up consistently, and being authentic.

Perhaps a crowd is forming- and I’m not gonna lie – it’s interesting to take note, to point it out even. Perhaps an audience is forming.


Morning Mantras

Morning Mantras.
I started doing Morning mantras (meditation, prayers, affirmations – what ever name you want to put and attach to it) … I started doing them in August.

I was really frustrated with what was happening around me and felt that I had no control – or better yet wasn’t certain of where to start to implement changes.

I hopped on a call with my fabulous business coach, and she listened. I cried my eyes out for a good ten minuets about my frustrations with work – and she told me I had to change my mindset. And in order to change my mindset I had to make a few changes by implementing mantras.

After she told me everything to do, I’ll admit – first I felt un easy. Aren’t mantras what Muslims do? I can’t do that, its not my beliefs. I went online and googled the term mantra.

I still wasn’t sure about it. So I talked to someone I trust. I told my boyfriend about my day, and the conversation I had with my business coach. I waited to hear the feedback he had to offer. and what he thought of it.

We broke down what it really is – which is why you’ll see meditation, prayer. For my morning affirmations I chose to focus on what I was struggling to believe. 

I had to write them in a positive reaffirming state. 

I paired mine with biblical verses and go over them each morning. 

Before I decide to take on any type of practice I need to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it. As I continue to reshape my mind, and ensure what I do aligns with my beliefs – I like to do research. 

Ultimately in doing this I’m searching for results right? 

I did stop for one month, but since returning I’ve switched up my affirmations and I am already seeing them come to fruition. 

Most of what we believe comes from what our parents taught us. We’ve been conditioned to be a certain way. Our environments tend to shape our upbringing and characteristics. 

Currently I’m listening to Mindest and I see the connections of human behaviors. Just remember we are all adaptable. We can change.