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    Becoming a better Designer

    Around this time last year I started blogging regularly and I wanted it to document my journey from here to there – there being IDEO. I'm not there yet but a friend of mind posed a really great question. What if the industry still existed but ideo no longer exists? Then what? This question was posed to ensure I wasn't putting ideo on a pedestal and for me to research and figure out other ways to do the work I'm interested in. It floored me. I had no responses and began to wonder," are there any other companies that do similar work?" Regardless of the answer, I believe that I…

  • Personal

    business & friends

    let’s face it. They just don’t mix. You know how it goes, a friend asks for a favor – but its really business related. You feel obligated to help because, after all IT’S YOUR FRIEND, your buddy, ol’ pal. I’m going to let you in on something, it wont work. I’ve learnt this the hard way| in-spite of the wise saying. In 2010 one of my friends approached me with this whole logo design request–after they approached a previous friend. They gave me friend number 1’s designs (all of which were still in concept phase). I ended up redesigning everything from scratch. Oh and the payment, I never did get…

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    25 things, Inspired

    ***** Warning***** Long Post Ahead Two months ago I went to Boisbuchet, France. It was AMAZING! Granted, other than the 4 hour flight delay before take off and me nearly getting off the wrong stop on the train, it was truly a great overall experience. While there, I met some spectacular people and heard really great presentations – one of which I’d like to share. The presentation was far greater than my notes, because there are some details that Emile Baltz shared but here they are: 1. School will work for you, if you work in school. I absolutely love school and believe I wouldn’t mind being there forever. But there…

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    Excitement for take off!!!

    So I leave tomorrow to go to Paris and I am so excited and nervous!!! This is an educational trip but I’m sure over all it will be a great experience. I can’t wait to come back and update my blog on the experience. Wish me safe travels !!! until next time xoxo By the way I’m celebrating my birthday today !!!!!!!

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    Educational Trip

    After visiting a few art shows these past few weeks, I was formally introduced to Allan C. from SVA and heard about a summer program that would be taking place in Boisbuchet, France. So, I am taking my chances in hopes to experience something great, and that will help me with my design career path. I’ll be sure to update about whats happening, otherwise, feel free to stop by again. If your interested in looking at my “leisure” blogging site, check out my page on tumblr. You can also follow me on twitter @keshnathermitus – though I don’t think I have much to say there. until next time, kd.