Appearance and Beauty

Appearance and Beauty

I’ve been know to be a girl that’s a little rough around the edges. Not caring too much to wear a full face of make up, if my eye brows are too dark, and often leaving out the house without putting on much lotion if any at all.

I used to follow this blog written by then Monique Brown call the MotorCityMoxie. Its now transformed into Feminine Allure with Monique Head. She’s now married and focuses on helping other women transform their lives, getting a committed man and helping women get what she wants.

Previously, on her blog she would talk about nail enamel – nail polish, wellness and beauty. She would often feature Sunday’s best with great Outfits. I had no idea that her blog was really leaving an impression on me.

This up coming week is Easter and I’ve convinced my mom to make an outfit for me. As a woman getting ready to be married I’m realizing beauty and appearance should matter even if just for myself. Rather than come to work without giving much thought to my hair, I’ve committed to sticking to a wig style that was custom made by my cousin.

While I’m working on getting a few blemishes removed, I put on a little make up yesterday. I shared that I was working on my self image with another relative of mine and she was excited for me. Aside from that I’m just working on bettering myself. As Monique used to say, “be good, look good, do better”.

Before I sign off, what do you think? Does Appearance matter much? Should we care so much about what we look like? Share your thoughts below.

Lastly, that image above wasn’t me at work today — I’m not even sure when I took that photo. It had to be before I left for Haiti Last year.


My Love/Hate of MakeUp

My Love/Hate of MakeUp

Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has them but they don’t really matter. 

Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s dig into my love/hate relationship with make up. 

I love that you can literally transform yourself. Last week I did my makeup everyday and it had a direct affect on my mood and my attitude. No one in the office could tell me off – yes it gave me a boot in confidence. But many people take it that if you need make up to leave the house then you don’t love yourself or that you lack confidence – or that you are being “fake”.  

I see it as part of a costume to play the part, besides when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do better. 

I remember posting a question on my Facebook wall to get the opinions of others and it stirred up some good conversation. Every person has their reasons for putting it on (or not) but at the end of the day everyone wants to feel beautiful. 

I learned some people wear it just for fun, some people for confidence, others to hide blemishes. Sure we all have our own insecurities and some people just feel more secure with make up. ::shrugs:: (Just stay away from the pool in the summer!) 

Now for my real rant: the things I don’t like about make up: 

– the removal process. I feel like my face is never clean enough. (This is an invitation- if you’ve got good recommendations for makeup remover for sensitive skin, be sure to comment below).

– the dryness it causes to my skin. I like my skin soft! 

– acne! Need I say more? Some products require testing. 

– everyone is at a different skill level and if your face isn’t “beat to the Gods” people feel they have an invitation to critique. If I have the balls to walk out the house with a bold color on my lips/eyes – I could care less if you don’t like it. So long as I don’t look like a clown (less it be the actual costume) I shall be on my merry way. 

– I used to have combination skin and well now it’s more oily. Using those matte products can’t be good long term. 

Things I Love about make up: 

– compliments left and right, 

– fun to play in especially when dressing up for events. 

– adds a splash of color and fun to personality. 

– can be unique. 

So to my ladies out there- what are your thoughts on make up?

Comment below 👇👇👇