Tag! your it!!!!

Today we went to play Laser tag at THE WOODS in Orlando, Florida. It was a great time. The first game we played there were all these little kids running around! And man they were really Good! I guess it helps to be short because they could hide anywhere! By the way great cardio work out because I was sure sweating running around in the dark!

The first game I came in 8 out of 17. Second game I came in 4 out of 7 and our team came in at number 3 out of four games. The Last Game I came in at number 3! But we were way too tired and too hungry to wait for the next print out of scores. We then went to dine at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Tasty! I had the Steak burrito bowl with lettuce, tomato, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa. This believe it or not was one of the more healthier choices on the list! (I have been getting great information from one of my co-workers who’s reading eat this not that) Surprisingly enough that was a healthier choice! Let me mention as well that I did not eat the whole thing in one sitting!!! (Applause!!!) Any way, while having fun down here in Orlando, I am also learning about health, my Spiritual growth and having fun….

Peace and Blessing .. Keshna

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