Super Woman

I used to believe that my mom was superwoman.

She would do all the cooking.

All the cleaning.

Go to work.

Have her side hustle.

Be involved in church.

She did everything.

Yesterday I saw my mom cry, wail, express shame for something she didn’t do, something she is undeserving of. It made me want to question why must she endure so much pain and suffering?

My mom has been through a lot – often I wonder if she would care to want to write a book.

I had the opportunity to pray with her. I always pray for her – but to pray with her – this was a new experience.

before she left for work this morning she said to me, ” Wrath and judgement is for the Lord. Don’t carry these burdens – they are not for you to bear”. I’ve always known my mom to be a wise woman, I m happy to call her mom.

After all, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I pray she continues to grow stronger and that she is able to experience peace and happiness in the near future – even if for a small moment here on earth.

However only God knows the outcome and reasonings for it all.

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