Start Now. (Day 18)

The perfect timing, the perfect outfit, the perfect camera, the perfect ______ (fill in the blank). It will never come. 

Often times we want everything to be perfect before we start now. I finally understand why “they” tell us to start now. 

By starting now you gain so much more experience of what you like, what you don’t like, what you wish to perfect, where you can improve. How can anything be perfect when you fail to even show up now? 

Why would anyone want to spend money, time and energy when you are still failing to start? 

One of my friends wants to start a YouTube channel and I suggested using the camera that is currently on the phone that she has. She went on to tell me she wanted to invest in a camera to get better video quality. Do you remember the old YouTube days? People’s videos were filled with speckled grains and dots, there was no such thing as getting your lens in focus, and HD what? All those thing didn’t matter – people watched because of the quality of the content. Sure you’ll probably get flack for not having HD quality videos, but at least you are producing. 

It’s super easy to talk about the quality you want when you are on the receiving end, but if people knew and understood how long it takes to upload a video to YouTube that’s HD quality they’d probably be a bit more gracious.  

Getting an HD camera would only cause for more excuses as you would then need to find time to edit and stitch videos together, learn an editing software – it would be so much easier to start now with what you have and slowly build the resources and tools you want to use to make YouTube videos. Besides, it’d be a shame to find out you like snapchat better than YouTube and you spent all that money on a camera. 

Lastly, sticking with the same YouTube example, people have failed to realize that these cameras in our pocket can do amazing things  by using apps, and following free tutorials online. 

If you’ve ever read the Four Hour Shef by Tim Ferris you’d know he asks this question of what would it look like if it were easy? Ponder that and process it a little bit. 

So yes I get it- you want everything to be perfect. But you can’t perfect what you haven’t created. 

What have you wanted to start? 

What will you start today?

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