Star Light Star Bright!!!….

star light star bright, first star i see tonight, i wish i may i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight…… is it just me or do we forget to stop sometimes and take a good look around us. I walked A LOT today. From my apartment to Barnes and Noble – and back! I’m not complaining though. It was great me time…. there was much going around in this brain of mine…. I began my ventured my walk at about 4pm and ended back to my place at about 7:30pm…. and of course upstate NY on a clear cloudless night, YOU GET TO SEE THE STARS!!!! and so this song from my child hood popped into my head. It made me think about those dreams i used to have when i was younger. not the kind the you had during bed time, but the kind where you drifted off in your mind careless of what was surrounding you. Man oh man how sometimes i wish i were a kid again! so what did i get from Barnes and Nobel?

Making Comics (image from google results)

Most of the designers that I have come across recommend reading comics to understand how to present your work, or understanding line weight and shadow, not to mention how to make your work more dynamic…. so when I came across this book I figure – i have two weeks to decide if i want to keep it or return it :D…. no i figure this book should break down everything i need to know. While at the store, I read the first few pages and was pulled into the way this artist (or writer – Scott McCloud) presented the information. I also purchased IRON MAN – A MARVEL COMICS EVENT CIVIL WAR (whose image I can’t find on Google) I will be sure to photograph the front cover and post the image. I guess that’s all for now….. I am going to get back to reading Making Comics.

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