So how do you know what you are passionate about? (Day 11)

This is a topic from the 30 day challenge cue and I thought it was an interesting one.

Many people are passionate about several things. I think back to my first year in college and I met someone by the name of “Mook”. He was one of the Q’s on campus and asked me what my major was. I answered biology, and industrial design.

It’s a good thing I changed my mind. While I enjoy health and nutrition, I enjoy design much more.

Passion is a very strong and barely controllable emotion. It’s also an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. I think this is why they say you have to be obsessed with something (the thing you’d want to do everyday, or the thing you wake up thinking about).

For me my passion is design, I do however, think about debt freedom a lot too. I am figuring out a way to find correlations between design and finances. There has to be some analogy that would bridge the two and allow me to write about them.

My three main topics of interest: design, fitness/health, and finances. the one thing that I know they all have in common – you need discipline to achieve the results you would like. So, if I talk about finances, its going to be based on the things I go through, my challenges and my obstacles. I am sure someone would be interested in seeing how I make it to debt freedom, and learn about finances. Doing so would mean that I’d have to be 100% honest with my audience.

As for design, I want to get back into product design. My ideal company to work for? I have three: Frog Design, smart design, and IDEO. There are actually a few companies out there that have outstanding work, but IDEO is my number one choice. The only thing that scares me, I don’t see many people that look like me on their profile pages.

I came across Barret Brooks website and somehow stumbled into this article that I plan to use as a blue print to get me to where I want to go. I also used Justin’s article and filled all the questions out in various emails.

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