Snooze Button

I never wanted to feel like I despised my job.

I never wanted to wake up and hit snooze and roll back over.

And if I am honest with myself – I don’t  really despise it. I find it interesting. I am able to learn something new each and everyday. Especially when I am actively searching for it.

However, there are times when I have this unsettled feeling of discontentment that arises in me. At times I feel unfulfilled. I’ve always questioned whether your work should fulfill you or if you should seek fulfillment outside of the work you do. After all, you do spend nearly half your life – I mean you day – there. It might as well be doing something you enjoy right?

Yea I’m not sure about that. Sometimes you need a job to help you survive. To help you pay the bills and keep afloat. Sometimes you hear people say, “I love my job” and it makes you feel miserable.

I believe that there will always be some aspect of work that you don’t really enjoy. Like it takes serious effort and motivation to get it done.

Today I found myself spacing out while at work. Nothing in particular – just not focused. I hate that. Let me back up. I work in a packaging company focusing on point of purchase displays. Its very different from what I thought I’d be doing. I’ve been here 2.5 years and its been nothing short of a learning experience. As I said before, I enjoy my work – but there are times – like today – where there are moments feeling unfulfilled creep in.

I try to track back and ask myself what it is I am searching for, what is it that will fill my void? Here are a few things I haven’t done in quite sometime that helped me in the past with relieving stress – and well I just haven’t had  made time to do them:

  • Working out. A good run on the treadmill, elliptical or the stair stepper and arch trainer – basically anything cardio.
  • morning meditation with my girls. It really helps in getting me grounded and starting my day off right.
  • being bored. I’ve spent the last two years gathering and researching so much information – I know this can be paralyzing. I think its time to pull away from that and begin to create more and document.

Do you feel fulfilled in your life? What are some of the contributing factors? If you have any tips I’d be so happy to hear about them!

It’s time for me to quit hitting the snooze button and get back into doing what I enjoy most.

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