Simple Pleasures

Earlier this week I took a look at my nails only to see they were scuffed up from handling brown boxes and comping displays from my day job ( I am a package designer). For a moment I got really upset.

As I took a look at my gel cover nails, for a moment I got really upset. And then a thought crossed my mind, “even if you were at a salon this is nothing to get upset over.” 

I started thinking about how we go in for services from businesses operated by people, and we get upset over the mistakes that happen, or that we just aren’t satisfied and we ask for a change.

But having time to sit and get my nails done in the first place is a privilege. It’s a luxury in a sense. It surely isn’t a need, but it is certainly a simple pleasure.

The scuff marks and slow decrease of shine illuminating from my nails no longer mattered. There are people that will never get to enjoy the simple pleasure of nail polish. Some people are so concern about the world they live in that they forget the bounds of the world outside of them.

So frustration slowly turned into a moment of simple pleasure and gratitude.

What do you engage in as a simple pleasure?

Keep it clean.

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