shoot for the moon if you miss you'll land among the stars (day 14)

I love that quote. It speaks to my ambition and yearning to create both large and small.

Sure it is overused – but I still like it.
It gives hope to those afraid of failing.
Or even better something my boyfriend always says, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and what ever happens you’ll be good”.
The other day I was listening to a podcast and it went in depth about optimism and some of the causes and affects it has. Generally we are optimists,  though we don’t always actively do something to help solve the issues in the world.
It made me wonder just how many of us are leaders, not afraid to get out hands dirty and gather people – to motivate them to take action and bring forth results. Let’s face it when things don’t work out as planned, not one wants to be in the limelight especially in todays world.
Curious to listen to the podcast? Here’s a link.
One thing I enjoy is constantly educating myself. I’ve always enjoyed school. When I was younger I would go to enrichment classes because I wanted to. To me it was fun. However, my opinion with the way education is being taught has changed drastically. I have learned so much more on my own through podcasts, books and articles.
When information is presented in an interesting manner, a unique format, its much easier to digest and pique someones interest.

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